Monday 11 May 2015

" Embrace Greed with Clarity - Catch Key Reversals & Falling knives without Fear or Favour with 2 pip precision --- Capturing instant super returns on Linc energy and Yuuzoo

On 7 may , we caught yet another key reversal to yet another scary falling knife - Linc energy and captured a 30% run in 3 trading days.  The time-stamped transparent FB call & chart below explains..

below is the freebee chat live commentary to  capture this key reversal of Linc at 20-21 & ride it to 26.

Below are just some preliminary contra trade statements from scalping freebees & students who could not wait 3-4 trading days ( more statements to come hot from the contra trading oven as they ride to 26 )

as an encore - before market opened on 8 may at 2 am, we made a call on Yuuzoo key reversal too at 15.9 after calling a peak to Yuuzoo at 62c back on 3 dec 2014 ( click here for that post ) ..

below pictures of call in Facebook and sharejunction explains:


Oh.. one more thing ... 

Since our last catch of the Yoma falling knife key reversal bottom ( click here for last post on Yoma ) , many readers wrote in to me asking about how we managed to catch so many bottoms & tops  with 1-2 pip precision over the years with our precision unambiguous calls made before-the-event just hours before the actual reversal  & time-stamped for posterity & transparency in independent public forums like the "SGX Technical analysis & fundamental analysis" FB page or  

 So recently my CMC counterpart suggested I conduct a special session on this topic.

 For the title - I unabashedly copied & augmented PTM PTM 's "Embrace Greed with Clarity " slogan from Singapore Traders Gallery( click here for the fb page)  and ended with  " Embrace Greed with Clarity - Learn to catch Key reversals & falling knives without fear or favour with 2 pip precision" 

and that epitomize the whole idea about successful trading - only precision or the clarity of precision will allow one to overcome one's emotional problems of greed & fear in trading - no amount of pep talk or motivational training or psycho analysis can help overcome this. 

So Wanna Catch Tops + Bottoms & ride market waves better than a " pro " ? 

Make a date with Bill E aka Sgxswinger on 25 jul  2015 Sat 2.30pm- 5pm   for the Free Sgxswingers' Seminar

"Embrace Greed with clarity - Learn to Catch Key Reversals & Falling knives without Fear or Favour with 2 pip precision " .

Venue:  Phillip capital, 250 North Bridge Road, #06-00 , Raffles City tower S(179101) 

write to 
state your name , hp no , no of frens to bring along , years of trading experience, courses attended , how u get to know abt our blog  etc 


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