Tuesday, 5 February 2013

STi hit the ceiling fan ? : a prescient call for sgxswingers club & a chance to catch Genting SP & Ezion on weakness

In the recent Jan class held on 26/27 Jan , I told the class that the STi is about to hit the ceiling fan at 3310 soon based on  exactly the criteria & techniques taught in class and to expect some strong selling reaction  there ..

Yesterday , true to form , exactly one week later came that very moment where the sgxswingers club was able to witness first hand and participate in that key turn at 3315 with guidance  of precision and prescience .. the pictures below explains..

below is the  prescient guidance  to sgxswingers club chat room on sat 2 feb about the coming key turn on Monday on our sgxswingers club   chat room  ...

below is the chat on catching the sti falling knife with the students on tues as the sti fall  on tues 5 feb : waiting for the precise up turn  to enter for an overnite punt & perfect moment to catch genting sp on weakness   .... the dow went up 99 pts after that ..  

I think the STi has hit a ceiling , and may go sideways for a while before a plunge . While STI goes sideways for a few weeks  , selected small cap stocks with relative strength or "strong stories" may even try new highs before they eventually succumb to the plunge with the STI . In the meantime , the Dow may climb higher ( to 14250 at least )  to give operators in SGX stocks time and lift  to take profits and then maybe even short their stocks before the fall .

On another note, in my last post ( click here)  , I posted a chart for Ezion that indicated a target of 2.02-2.06.. the stock did go up 4c immediately after i posted but then retreated within the same day owing to the expected down reaction when sti hit  our ceiling of 3310. I still believe in this  ezion target but the question of exactly when it will happen depends on a few conditions which i can only reveal in  more timely & detail fashion in our sgxswingers club chat room which i did as blogs are sometimes too slow or not the best place for such dynamic updates..my apologies..

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