Friday, 25 December 2015

Korean movies anyone ? Riding Spackman & Cosco Key Reversal & shorting into Suckers' Rally on strong jobs data

Where does Spackman & Cosco go from here ? Read on..

On 12 Nov, when we knew the bluechips were about to crash due 
to some impending bad news which we cannot pin on  ( see below prescient call in freebee chatroom ) - now we know after-the-fact that the bad news to be the ISIS attack in Paris the following nite..  
 and the pennies had been crashing for some days ..

In that sea of plunging red pennies and bluehchips ( click here for the reversal calls ) , we detected a gem penny , a maker of korean movies .. so we made a daring buy call on Spackman , at around 10.8-11c with an intermediate target of 15c .  ( see below)

overnite, it went up 20pips or  18% from 108 to 128.. and  in 5 days , our stock hit this target and then some  - up 45 pips or 40% to hit 15.3c  ( see above chart ) .. 

Then on 26 Nov , we made another call on spackman for the next leg to 167  ..

Below are the samples of contra statements of the above swings by the freebees and students:

Immediately after hitting tgt at 167 ,  spackman crashed 34 pips or 20%  to 133.( see below chart)

Jus before spackman hit 133 , we made a fresh entry call to enter at 133 and spackman rallied 23 pips in 2 days .( see below  the order entries to catch that bottom at 133 )
Many freebees & students made some quick $$ as a result of these timely and precision freebee calls on spackman  , using their contra cash accts with zero capital outlay( see above contra statements )  ...

as a sideshow, we also called a sucker's rally the nite US Nov jobs data were strong , sending the Dow up 370  points.. we shorted the suckers rally the next morning 7 dec with DBS put wrts and were duly rewarded by a 80 pips plunge in DBS bank from 1680 to 1600 in 5 days( below freebee chat & chart  illusrates ).

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