Friday, 23 October 2015

Embrace Greed with Clarity time-stamped on - Catch key reversal of Rate Hike fears with 100% returns in 5 days using Bank and oil stock warrants .

On 5 Oct , before the SGX market opens ,  while the world markets were fretting over a China slowdown , yuan devaluation and US interest rate hikes, we detected a key bottom and told our swinger chatrooms and also Sharejunction readers ( click here for that prescient sharejunction post at market pre-open on 5 Oct ) to go long in a big way, explaining that the market plunge of the past 3 months emanating from fears of an impending US interest rate hike and a 20% RMB devaluation is over ( click here for that prescient freebee call to short the top of our  Banks with put wrts  just before that 2.5 month plunge in the last post  ) ..

 We also told sharejunction and our freebee chatrooms to  prepare for the ensuing 2-week bounce by loading up on specific oil stocks and bank call wrts .

Below is a screenshot of that prescient key-reversal call time-stamped in for posterity ( click here for that post in SJ )  :

Below is a screenshot of the prescient key-reversal Freebee call on 5 Oct  to buy and ride the wrts of banks and major oil stocks 

After 5 days of our key reversal call on bluechips  , as anticipated , the penny season started with a bang and we  participated in that penny feast also , esp the oil stocks like Rex , Geo , Ausgroup and some medical stocks like QT  etc 

For example , below is a call in freebee to play Rex on 15 Oct juz before its big rally.

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