Sunday, 1 June 2014

Anatomy of recent precision penny contra swings in May : JES, Mirach , Declout , MYP, Blumont , APAC , RH petrogas , Tiger Air , RH energy , Craft Print ...

In this post, we examine some of our recent precision contra swings in second half of  May  by our freebees and students resulting in  real profit statements galore as usual  ( more importantly , with traceable contract note serial numbers to show for it )

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Anatomy of a JES precision contra swing: $4k or 10% gain in 2 days

Anatomy of a Declout  precision contra swing: $3.3k profit or 15% returns in 3 days

Catching the historic Blumont bottom  : 30% instant returns within hours  

 Anatomy of a APAC precision intraday swing: 15% instant returns within hours 

Anatomy of a Mirach precision contra swing: returns 7%  or $2.9k in 4 trading days 

Anatomy of MYP precision intraday swing: Instant 7% or  $2k gain in 26 mins 


Anatomy of RH Petrogas contra swing:  14 % gain  in 4 days

RH energy -  catching the breakout swings in 2 x 15mins swings  :  $4k instant profits or 12% returns  in 30 mins flat 

Craft Print - to catch a falling knife :  $1k instant profits or 27% in 15 mins flat 

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