Thursday, 12 September 2013

Penny Breakouts & Breakdowns Galore : Magnus , Amplefield , Blumont , Informatics, Weiye, Albedo, YHM, IPCO, Mirach , Rowsley, Thai Bev, Gems TV, K1 ventures , ocean sky, biosensor, Union Met, Meta comp Sapphire , ISDN, Freight links, CCM , OKH, Guocoleisure, Vard, Swiber,GLD

In the past  2 weeks , sensing that many pennies are starting to show signs of life again  ,  sgxswingers were busy playing the 15-50% gain  per day  penny breakouts like ducks taking to water ..   

for unbiased subsampling of our forward looking calls  time-stamped by public forums ( as opposed to   "predictions" suggested by vivid screenshots of private conversations fabricated after the event    )     click here for live postings under hello123 in 
  below are some examples ( with more coming ..) :

Dancing with blumont , thank you for the exhilarating ride, blumont !  :
Sgxswingers have been dancing circles  with Blumont , riding the up moves and avoiding its flushes since April 2013 ( click here for examples of blumont wildhorse rides  )  

Informatics : the prescient entry juz before breakout and exits at peak:

Magnus : the back to back madness of entering juz before a 28%  breakout and getting out at peak then naked shorting it for a 15% gain :

Weiye, the singleshot ride :

Albedo prescient breakout and exit at the peak  :

Mirach prescient entry juz before breakout and exit at the peak :

IPCO: prescient entry juz before breakout and exit from peak

A-sonic breakout :

Gems tv prescient breakout :

Thai Bev prescient  bounce :

Meta comp prescient breakout: 

Sapphire prescient breakout:

Ocean sky prescient breakout :

K! Ventures prescient breakout: 

A lady student new to trading before the swinger course  recently showed me her  recent record in spotting of breakouts , i am really impressed by her hit rates , all from contra trading, see her trade   statements below :

Next preview / trading secrets /outlook sharing seminar  on 16 nov sat 3pm see

For my daily predictions , pse click here( daily predictions time-stamped by under user name hello123 this is a public forum tabulating my forward looking calls( ie calls made before the event with public time stamps) ,  it is a small but  unbiased sub-sampling of our  many real calls( minus dynamic adjustments  & proprietary details for higher precision entry / exits than posted  )  to our sgxswingers chatroom as  public forums do  not allow a blogger to cherrypick winners and hide losers after the event for bragging   to look  good statistically unlike in a blog totally controlled by a blogger where time-stamping or authenticity of  so called "   vivid screenshots of alleged predictions via highly private messages " fabricated at will with  impunity after the event  is not subject to independent verification ..