Thursday, 27 September 2012

Myanmese twin pumps : Yoma & Interra ( with later updates on GMG, Midas , Skyone appended )

In the last post ( titled "short-term peaks and Myanmese pumps " -click here )  , I predicted a weak beginning for  this week , expecting it to last thru Monday, Tues and maybe Wed   .  So it is perhaps a good time to cover all your shorts by Wed close or thurs open, no matter what target prices people give you. 

Last nite as Nymex sweet crude oil plunged to $89  and reversed to close slightly above $89.90 I realised we had found a nice bottom for oil from which I expect a nice bounce never mind the riots in Spain/Greece or the hard-landing in china or the water canon show at Diaoyu islands.  Good news should await us tonite -maybe Spain will pass their austerity budget tonite to satisy the Germans or   maybe good unemployment claims or pending home sales data tonite from the US, whatever these data mean. 

As the Dow futures dropped to 13333 - a nice number , I saw that the Dow has found a corresponding nice bottom but not as nice as oil , & albeit a very temporary one too  . So tonite the Dow  should  bounce ..nevermind a weak one .. & never mind what friday or next week will bring.

The Nikkei futures had hit a nice bottom as well , 8855- another nice number.

I also noticed that Gold has completed its reaction to 1738, a lucky number , readying for a bounce.

 which is good enough window for our Myanmese twins , Yoma and Interra to pursue their pumping operation. and maybe also their long suffering brethens like Midas and GMG as well , maybe add Ramba also .( see below update at the bottom   )

 As stated in last post, I bought my Yoma when it completed its reaction at 42-43c and drew some trajectory for the Yoma pumping operation.. I reproduce them here  "as is " for comparison with today's chart .
Tues' 25sept Yoma chart with "as is" pumping trajectory from wild guessing -see last post

                                                Today's Yoma chart

                   Yoma trades on Tues 25sept when it hit reaction floor- see last post 

Tues' Interra chart with pumping trajectory from wild guessing- see last post

Modified disclaimer from last post : Interra : Pre-pumping for rights share trading commencement 2 oct  ?  Interra has broken  recent historic high of  38c due to window dressing & lack of public shares  for now but  come 2 Oct , there will be a flood of Interra rights shares from the public for dumping . Given that the rights costs only 15c to subscribe , maybe 41-43c is more than enough pumping for the operator who has already done his job & collected his paycheck on 22 Sept.. but of course these  public are a estastic public having made a tidy profit , so the dumping or profit-taking may not be that severe , if i were the operator , I will jack up the price 1st Oct & then right after  2 Oct open to  make the  estastic public feel that there is even more up room to go, and so to hold tight to their rightshares but there is always public & some big boys who borrowed money to subscribe to the rights so they will eventually dump over next few days after 2 oct but since people are making almost 30c profit for every 15c they borrow , all they need to do to repay  is sell one  third their rightshares or 1/9 of existing capitalization if all rights shares were financed by loan which is insignificant what more with Uncle Ben willing to lend you money for free for the next 2 years... at any rate , the best strategy is to forget "fundamentals"  and focus on the technicals or price action to look for sell signals  - just my 2c worth
Update on GMG --  30 sept Sun  :

old GMG chart above with old pumping trajectory ( see 19 sept post - click here)

Midas pumping trajectory updated 1 oct 2012 - see comments section Breaking out :Skyone( updated 7 oct ) 


LHY said...

Hi Bill, you mentioned Ramba. It had been trading between 0.38-0.4 range with occasional breach of 0.4 but went back down to 0.39 very quickly. Are you expecting a breakout soon from the chart? 0.39 looks like a safe level. Thanks and your posts had been very insightful.


Anonymous said...

hi Bill

what trading platform are you using ?

Unknown said...

Hi Bill

I read your comment very often,
I would say thanks a million for this site.

Honestly, I did nothing after reading here.My job wise do not allow me to trade. Thanks for your Midas, should have make some money, if I buy on your suggestion.

I really envy you guy.

Do you think I can trade while holding down a job.

What you say?

Hope all your counter soar sky high.

Thanks again


Bill E said...

Hi all ,

sorry for late reply.

my reply to above comments:

Ramba - looks slow to move , maybe the big operators have not agreed on a believing growth story to tell yet.

Trading while on the job - some jobs allow one to look at the screen or smartphone for stock quotes , but most do not - but suggest do not quit your job until you have achieve certain levels of consistency & capital reserves to last you a few years of famine & further self-discovery in the markets. One place where the bosses do not mind their staff staring at the price quotes screen all day is the broking or trading house.

Lastly read the disclaimer on interra chart - tomorrow 2 oct is trading commencement of interra right shares - a ton of right shares from public floods the market - whether the operator wants to support the shares I don't know - but expect some profit taking from the public who bought their rights at 15c so I would not want get in their way so good luck !


Bill E said...

Hi Guys,

big Dow nite tonite- looks like Bernanke's throwing in the Fed's kitchen sink for Obama's re-election .. buy into weakness ... eg midas - supply at 43c should be absorbed today


Ken said...

Hi Bill,

I have a capital of 300k
for trading purpose. Do you think I can do it full time? Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bill,

Any updates on GMG and Midas? same outlook? Thanks


Bill E said...

Hi Ken,

$300k is a lot of money for trading .. suggest you put aside $250k into reserves to cater for a rainy day and just use the $50k to open some trading acct with some broking house which offers 0.08% comm or less .. it is quite impossible to learn trading with high comm ...if you wanna some names , email me.

suggest u trade very small amt first - maybe one to 10 lot at a time until you get pretty consistent ..but of course before that , it is advisable you get yourself educated first ..


Bill E said...

Hi Harry ,

sorry for replying late.
was busy with other stuff.

Look at the midas chart in my post . I drew a big ellipse from 45 to 47c. there is heavy supply there. Midas looks like a bad stock for punting at the moment. - it is meant for those who are v quick - fast in , fast out after 2-3 bids move with very low comm. Sorry for the bad call - should have name some other stock to punt for that super dow nite on monday.


Anonymous said...

What about GMG?

Bill E said...

GMG - try to get out at 1.37/1.38 if possible .. v near 13.9 supply ellipse already .. i showed the GMG chart with ellipse to suggest to readers where to sell, not to buy - always buy on reaction floor & never chase long breakout candle .

Bill E said...

as a rule , sell when approaching or entering supply ellipse , buy when approaching or entering demand ellipse , do not touch when trapped inbetween buy /sell ellipses that are too close to one another like currently in midas chart - bad risk/reward tradeoff-

the best time to enter midas/GMG is when they hit reaction floor on 27 sept - the date of the main post where i said maybe can also enter " long suffering brethrens like midas and GMG " - I did not participate in these stocks as my $$ was tied down by yoma then ( because at that time yoma promises much better risk/rewards ) and also some interra rights that i subscribed.

Andy said...

Hi Bill,

I just came across your blog a few days ago and you are a good trader. Coincidentally, I entered Midas recently at 0.400 and 0.420 (while chasing). Any advice for me now? Hold or take profit?

Best Regards,

Andy said...

And also, what's reaction floor?

Best Regards,

Bill E said...

Hi Andy ,

it is difficult for me to answer your question as Midas is now neither here nor there, being trapped between 2 ellipses close together.

so instead let me throw you a bone from UOB on Oceanus , not that abalone has bones.

This stock looks like it got super risk/reward ratio. downside is 0.3c , upside is 1.7c if you believe UOB's analysis. Remember to take profit along the way.. Good luck!

DJ MARKET TALK: Charts Tip Oceanus At Buy, S$0.07 Target -UOB-KH
03 Oct 2012 16:41
DJ MARKET TALK: Charts Tip Oceanus At Buy, S$0.07 Target -UOB-KH

0841 GMT [Dow Jones] STOCK CALL: Charts tip Oceanus (579.SG) as a Technical Buy with S$0.07 target, UOB KayHian technical analysis says. "The stock could potentially break above its mid Bollinger band with a base support at S$0.05. The Stochastics indicator looks poised to form a bullish crossover and bullish divergences at its MACD indicator could be in play." It tips placing stops below S$0.045. The stock is up 2.0% at S$0.052 in volume of more than 3% of shares changing hands on the SGX. (

Andy said...

I'm new to reading charts. Can you explain more on what is reaction floor and eclipses?

Yes, Oceanus looks good with high upside and limited risk. I may give it a try.

Thanks in advance!

Best Regards,

Bill E said...

If i were in Oceanus , i would get out before 7c because the 7c target is what the Oceanus operator would want your emotions of greed & hope to lock on to so that you will hold tight to this stock for dear life and won't sell before they do, for those who would like to have some suggestions for some exit prices - write me an email to entitled "Oceanus - what exit price ? - your name " and maybe also introduce a bit about yourself if u like - your trading experience , your hp, the trading courses u attended before , the blogs u follow - what u think of them etc.etc

hope I can get back to you before it's too late.. this is not a tip , & my predictions may not pan out , disclaimer applies.

best regards

Claude Chew said...

Hi Bill,

what's your view on Noble, holding some at 1.295...


Bill E said...

Hi Claude,

pse see my views in previous post on 24th sept where i predicted a fall in Noble from 1.35 to 1.28 then bounce from there. today could be it.. how strong the bounce , i do not know yet .. may post something on this soon .see

KY said...

Hello Bill,

What is your thoughts on Yoma? It went through a massive run up and now at 0.575. Btw, are u still holding on to it?


Bill E said...

I sold 1/3 yoma at 54.5c. Still holding other 2/3.

Alex Dingjinbo said...

hi bill,
May i know which platform you used for trading? I'm quite noob in trading and kind of lose a lot like few thousands. (as my capital is only 60k). I felt my brokerage is very expensive which cost me .24% as compared to what u mention .08%, are you able to introduce me any good trading house?


ps: if it is inconvenient to provide the detail info, you may email me @

thx a lot