Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Playing Yuuzoo's "Nigerian social e-commerce deal" : our precision swings from bottom to peak and then shorting from peak

Playing Yaazuu's "Nigerian social e-commerce Deal"

Over the years, I have come across endless blockbuster deals that are "too-good-to-be-true" that listed companies announced simply to suck in public to buy their shares at a high before the operator dumps his  shares at high price and then  the stock plunges . These deals immediately vaporised into thin air once the operator had distributed or unloaded his stock ..

 Thus we hear  of "recently vaporised" blockbuster deals that proposed to inject a trillion dollar magnesium mine from remote xinjiang into a loss-making ship building coy , of  reverse takeovers by malaysian tycoons injecting Iskandar land into a money losing steel plant coy , or myanmese tycoons injecting myanmese assets into a money-losing bedsheet retailer .etc etc  

   ..So, Is Yuuzoo's "social e-commerce"  deal  in  Nigeria - a remote ebola- and jihadist-infested country any different ? I doubt so , but the question of interest to the public is at what price does the Yuuzoo operator complete distribution of  their own shares ? 

Yuuzoo at 62c looks like the peak .. and looks headed for below 16 c in due course , maybe next year .. 

I am sure we the public would want to sell the shares together with the operator  during his distribution & shorting of his stock & just before the plunge. 

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Riding up on Yuuzoo from 34c  to 58c : student and freebee statements. 

Shorting Yuuzoo :

we shorted on 27 Nov after they announced news of  " big $500m social e-commerce deal" in Nigeria , this one student bags $3k intraday; more short statements to come ,  hot from students.

Here telling oct feebees about Yuuzoo entry on 14 Nov juz before breakout at 31-32:

Here reminding student of Yuuzoo peaking and hidden selling at 62 juz before price collapsed:

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