Friday, 1 March 2013

Art of entering just before breakout and shorting at the peak : STi, GLD, Ezion, Genting, WE holding, Contel, Oceanus, Europtron with later update on Rowsley

Rowsley -updated 6 mar

Post-mortem for the previous post :

In my last post 4 weeks ago( click here ) ,  I advised  in this blog that the STi has hit a ceiling fan at 3310 and may move sideways  between 3260 and 3310   while selected small caps and pennies will take the opportunity to rally riding on the QE  continuation & dow tailwinds to 14250 ...  I also gave some price targets for some stocks , namely  Ezion and Genting that are about to rally.

Note these were  forward predictions with specific levels given to the public  for the weeks ahead  ,& not a highly private prediction shared with  public only after the event happens in my favor .. 
Well , true to form , for the whole of  the last 4 weeks , as if the market heard & heeded us, it  did exactly as predicted the dow rallies inexorably higher towards our 14250 tgt  , sgx blue chips went sideways , the STI got stuck in the miraculously narrow ( 50 pts or  < 2% ) trading range between 3310 and 3260 that we specified in the last post while selected pennies and small caps  ran like crazy.. well,  so much for prescience and precision 

I also said in the last post it was a good time  to buy Genting on weakness (  at 1.54 with tgt 1.61 )    and Ezion ( at 1.77 with tgt 2.04 ) and both marched inexorably to their targets before suffering a severe down reaction( see Ezion & Genting charts below )..

again , so much for prescience and precision  

As for pennies, many pennies ran ..almost every other penny one touches in chatroom goes on fire ,  question is  when to enter and when & wat price to exit ? 

Activities in the past 4 weeks :

so in the past 4 weeks at the sgxswingers club  we were too busy playing the pennies & wrts , just before the  breakout    ( see  examples below where catching moves of > 10-30%  within 1 day   are common  )  .. and not bothering  about blue chips which being part of the STi had hit the ceiling fan  ..and not bothering much about blogging either   ... 

In this super rally of the pennies , it is quite easy to make calls on pennies that will rally almost immediately once u made them.. if only you know how( click here) ..well, in our sgxswingers club, some of our students were  making them as a matter of routine. ( see some good penny calls below ) .

At the same time , we reminded the club members to get out  when each penny nears its peak(  given by price targets issued to the club days before or when  it peaks - like Contel , Ezion , Oceanus , Annica etc see below  )  

We also told our members to prepare their shorts when the critical time comes ( see below advice to the sgxswingers club chatroom to short the day after  Bernanke's expected dovish speech on tues nite feb 26   which happens to be the peak for many pennies for this particular run  )  

one  more thing we also played Gold, prepping GLD for a fall to 152   and played the rebound as well to  156  towards bernanke speech  ( see below advice given to one student who played GLD - the Gold ETF )  

 Below -- Examples where we catch moves of  > 10-30%  within 24 hrs of contra play are common    : 

Below are  examples where we reminded the club members to get out  when pennies near  their peaks(  given by price targets issued to the club days before or when  it peaks - like  WE holdings, Contel , Ezion , Oceanus etc

also we told our members to prepare their big shorts when the critical time comes ( see below advice to the sgxswingers club to short the day after  Bernanke's dovish speech on tues nite feb 26   which happens to be the peak of many pennies  ):

See below our prescient calls for Gold ETF- GLD:

those interested to find out more feel free to register( email to subject title :" sgxswinger course preview dated  15 mar  2013  fri     " , inside the email , pse provide "name" , "hp no." ,"email", "bringing friends along? y/n " , " no of years trading ", "  instruments traded : stocks,  indexes , futures, forex, options , wrts etc", " trading courses you've attended"   )   to come for fri 15 mar  2013 preview 1930 hrs at Burlington square ( next to simlim square, 400m from bugis mrt -click here for map & directions) , 175 bencoolen street S(189649) level 5 function room at residential tower , not office tower   ..  .. lots of  trading secrets to be shared , no obligations to sign up : next course slated for  weekend on  xx  1100hrs-1700 hrs... the course  fee is $2688 . those who sign up early gets a  very big early bird discount. check here for course / preview dates   


Unknown said...


May I ask you,is this penny rally going to end soon?



michael said...

Given how sharply some pennies fell today, do you still think that rowsley will hit 55/58 and 68/71?

Bill E said...

Hi Michael,

i think i might have made a a mistake on rowsley , short term tgt could be 53 and not 55-58 as previously thought..

now 50 -50.5 still got chance to get out alive , i hope...