Sunday, 24 January 2016

Embrace Greed and Fear with Clarity - Riding the BIG Short with warrants yields 300% gains in 10 days

Eversince there was good US Nov jobs data announced on  4 Dec 2015 resulting in a big 370 pt rally on Wall street that very Friday nite , we had turned very bearish on the markets as indicated by our last post where we told our chatrooms that the bluechips are just marking time sideways for a big crash while pennies are having their last burst of fire.. We also advise our chatroom we were shorting into the ensuing suckers' rally the following Monday morning with put warrants.( click here to see our last post on that ) 
I reproduce here what was posted at that time on 4 Dec , the shorts that were initiated with put wrts  and what happened after that..

Exactly 1 month later , and at exactly the same STi price level of around 2900 , on 4 Jan 2016 , the first trading day of the year,  hours before market opened , we told our Jan freebee chatroom to expect a lousy start to a lousy year and to short into the lousy start  with Bank Put warrants. 

Below are the freebee calls  and shorts initiated thru dbs & ocbc put wrts.

Below are some contra statements from students /freebees who could not afford to ride the full 10 days and only wanted to take overnite contra profits  ..

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