Thursday, 28 November 2013

Student profits continue to flow : picking the bottom of Dukang , RH Petrogas

At sgxswingers chatroom , the profits continue to flow , penny season or bluechip season , bull or bear market  ... for evidence see the big 10-50% gain  contra trades and  deluge of student profit statements in the last 3 posts :

Having the cake and eat it thrice( click here) :
Penny breakouts and breakdowns galore( click here):
Dancing with Bernanke taper( click here) 

and these 2 weeks is no different ..

Picking the Dukang & RH Petrogas  bottom : the prescient & precision  calls  in sgxswingers chatroom and   

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Friday, 15 November 2013

Having the cake and eating it thrice - enjoying the rise and the fall and the aftermath of the penny season .. the cradle-to-grave OKH stock operation campaign predictions , Breakouts by Rowsley , ChinaGaoxian , Oceansky

In the past few months , sgxswingers were busy trading the demand and supply off the charts mechanically without fear or favor , entering juz before breakout , exiting at the peak &  shorting  juz before breakdown   ....without any regard for  news or  indicators..

 In short we had the cake and eat it thrice  : on the way up , and on the way down  ..and the aftermath   ie.  we all got out right at the peak of penny rally, thus  safely avoiding the penny fiasco led by  the now  infamous 3 amigos ( Blumont , Asiasons , Liongold ) which we saw coming too clearly and got out right at the top( click here for trade statements on those trades )   ... 

for our students with the discerning mind and eye , everything else are juz marketing 101 gimmicks or distractions  ( seductive photos of sentosa cove , lambos, ferraris and stacks of cash , big bank account statements , fabricated tear-jerking rag-to-riches stories & testimonials  - accompanied by vivid photos - all actually funded by your course fees but masqueraded as trading profits to seduce or suck in more suckers to pay even more course fees - haven we seen all this smoke-n-mirror routine replayed before so many times at course-selling seminars which gives one an emotional transient high at the seminar but invariably  in the end  leaves behind a trail of financial mass destruction for those public who believes the cock and bull stories  but untold riches for the course seller to flaunt to attract even bigger crowds )  and only one thing matters - are the techniques taught producing for the students the consistently profitable big swing trades that they had yearned for but  eluded them for so long ? 

Proof of the cake is in the eating :  the prescient calls time-stamped by public forums( click here - note these are live forward predictions time-captured by a public forum like , and not some  "private predictions of unverifiable time-stamp " in one's own blog  suggested by posting some vivid screenshots of self-congratulatory private ( group) conversations fabricated after the event )   & the deluge of super high quality student profit statements  to prove students did learn and profit from the course ,  that the student profits were super quality profits , >10% returns on  investment over juz a few days and not  using a  big credit line to scalp for miserly 1-2% returns that is barely enough to pay for   brokerage commission  .

Aftermath   : Many days yonder into the aftermath of the Blumont led penny crash , with many pennies beaten to death, while many bloggers were calling with great hindsight an end to the penny run , we were hunting for new opportunities, and there were rich pickings... Below are juz some recent calls in our sgxswingers chatroom and highly profitable ( high %  returns )  trades that resulted from it..

China Gaoxian's one day 23%  breakout :

 Rowsley's 10% breakout in one day :

OKH Stock Operation Campaign cradle-to-grave predictions - calling a rally from nascent birth to the very distribution top and then  shorting it 

Ocean sky : 

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