Daily calls - forward-looking predictions for public tallied by sharejunction.com - see who's counting ?

"You know, comrades," says Stalin, "that I think in regard to this: I consider it completely unimportant who in the party will vote, or how; but what is extraordinarily important is this — who will count the votes, and how."
-- Blood-thirsty Soviet  Dictator Josef Stalin on how to hijack the party leadership election through fraudulent control of the vote counting process .. 

u can monitor my daily calls to the public through  clicking this link  http://www.sharejunction.com/sharejunction/listMemberPosts.htm?username=hello123   later succeeded by newer user id   http://www.sharejunction.com/sharejunction/listMemberPosts.htm?username=Swingtrader  to  objectively  check their hit rate and risks/rewards  with your  very own eyes and not through my own counting machine which is likely to be biased in my favor.  

because this is a  public forum tallying / tracking/ time stamping  of my calls , i cannot  cherry pick the good calls and conveniently ignore or not  publish the bad calls made privately to my students  ...    which a blog with a  clear  intention or financial incentive  to impress  or deceive with false statistics of "high"  call  hit rate  upon  readers is prone to  - cherry-picking with  hindsight based on the outcome of each call to decide which call to gloat about or aggregate into his "statistic". ..

Even more sinister, a blog totally controlled by a blogger who persistently indulge in posting screen shots of "private predictions" only after the event is highly prone to fabricate those predictions after the event with photoshop-licensed  impunity since time stamping and authenticity of those "predictions" in one's blog is not subject to any independent public verification...the same goes for  flattering  narcissistic  self-fawning  " student testimonials" and  reporting of  results of  "pseudo-live"  trades  in front of a private audience on hangseng index / dow indices etc 

of course  in our chatrooms , for practical reasons and to be fair to my students , i will make even more calls, and also the dynamic & finer adjustments to my calls which  are reserved for students only in the chatroom. and also answer student queries in real time. 

so the calls in sharejunction url link  above  is just an appetitizer albeit an objective unbiased sub-sampling / aggregation of my forward-looking  predictions  .

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