Friday, 2 January 2015

Squeezing the Oil shorties with Kepcorp call warrants part 2 - another closure with obscene returns on zero capital , Encore with calling QT Vascular bottom

As promised in the last post on "squeeze on oil shorties- capturing the key reversal with kepcorp call warrants" (click here) , here is a sample of student contra statements on our  short squeeze  with kepcorp wrts .

To recap, in the last post , in the midst of the oil doom and gloom from analysts and pundits , we alerted our readers to a potential key reversal and a squeeze on oil shorts( click here)  by the big boys on 17 Dec and on the same day informed our chatrooms( students and freebee chatrooms  )  to go long on oil stocks by buying kepcorp call wrts

see below bullish calls to both freebee and sgxswingers chatrooms on 17 dec to long kepcorp call wrts - day one of key reversal day  :
It turns out our bullish call & bets on  oil stocks were  not in vain , and true enough , kepcorp made a stunning key reversal from 790 to 890 in a matter of 4 contra days  despite fresh calls from analysts to downgrade  kepcorp target to $6 

of particular interest is our kepcorp call wrts . which return a stunning 80% on broker's capital  in 4 contra days( see below sample of student trades) 
 above is the order entries on 17 dec and below is the contra results returning 80% within 4 contra days on 22 dec

so far, we have been  playing these wild oil swings down and up like a fiddle with the maximum leverage with zero capital ..( see chart below) 

 we  played the precipitous oil plunge just before the watershed opec meeting of  27 nov with kepcorp put warrant( click here for that call & some  results ) ..

 .. and now we played the short squeeze key reversal with kepcorp call wrts 

..both returning  returns of 50-100%  on free contra money using broker's capital.

 I guess the  world of  precision swing trading   & obscene leveraged returns  on zero capital cannot get anymore hardcore than this.

Just as an encore , we called oso called a bottom to QT Vascular on 18 dec when it was 28c. .within 5 contra trading days, it hit 31.5c up > 10%  .. More upside to come.. stay tuned .. ( see our time-stamped prescient call in Facebook & chart below ). 


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