Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Buffet : Dear Readers , sign up as followers of SGX Swing Trader .... and drop Bill E an email if you got time ..

Hi ,

 I have created a follower gadget on the right column ... this is to facilitate discussions between followers  on Google Friend Connect  ...

Regular readers of my blog are encouraged to sign up as followers for the reasons stated below ...

  The market is a dynamic place...  market conditions and sentiment can turn on a dime..  eg..natural disasters  like tsunami  can happen without warning ..

I update my blog usually about once a day , sometimes more frequent , more often less  ..

  writing a blog requires one to commit to a certain macro market view conditioned upon a certain trading time frame ( 1 day - 1 week )  and certain market conditions both implicitly assumed by the blogger but are invariably not explicitly specified for both owing to constraints of time and space and elasticity of supply and demand with respect to time   ..

 this also has the obvious disadvantage that it does not cover certain shorter time frame counter trend  opportunities that present themselves very frequently  ..

for example,  a golden single-day or daytrade shorting opportunity  presented itself this morning at open ..which runs counter to general uptrend ( for dow , shanghai ) or sidetrend with upward bias( for hsi , sti )  to Bernanke's speech on friday but is still very profitable for shorting at open and closing the short by 5pm. I am sure this shorting will not be very profitable if you hold it for 2 days.

 Obviously this short term day-trade bearish event  is quite  confusing or stressful for anyone who is already heavily committed to the general uptrend on the longer timeframe of a few days  to the Bernanke speech at Jackson hole.

  a very profitable trade or view in one time frame can be a very unprofitable one in another time frame esp when one is over committed in his trading capital .

to mitigate the confusion ,   if time and resources permit and response from readers is good , I may provide more real time update on twitter / msn / skype / emails or discussion group but no promise .. ..

to explore the possible formation of a more real time service , please send me a email (  to ) stating your skype/msn / facebook / twitter name or address .

if  convenient  , please tell me whether you trade in stocks ( which exchange / platform ? ) , bonds, commodity, forex, options / warrants ,  futures etc ... and the number of years you have been trading , your trading time frame( day trader, swing or position trader )   etc , so that i can tailor the blog to wider interest groups if I got time ( which is always a big constraint ..)   .

if  also convenient , feedback on how you use the blog, whether your trading decisions have benefitted or suffered from reading the blog( in relation to any particular posts , in particular etc ) and /or  any areas for improvement is welcome ...

Last but not least, please click on the "Join this site" gadget on the right column and follow instructions that follow.

If you are hesitant about writing the email , just joining as a follower would be just fine.

 Thank you and Good Luck in your trading  !

 Bill E

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