Tuesday, 11 October 2011

STi should rally til end of month to 2900 when Merkel/Sarkozy unveil their "comprehensive plan to solve the eurozone's two-year-old sovereign debt crisis by end of month" . However expect some hiccups along the way - downward reactions at 2785 and 2815.

see post below for Monday 10 oct  ... http://sgxswinger.blogspot.com/2011/10/reuters-stocks-euro-inch-up-on-debt.html
" leaders of France and Germany pledged to unveil a comprehensive plan to solve the euro zone's two-year-old sovereign debt crisis by the end of the month. "

.. in the meantime , shorts are getting squeezed hard  ... only  just one week ago,  many hedge funds were caught in a shorting feeding frenzy, betting on and trying to induce a lehman x 10-type meltdown & contagion for europe  ..  they could be beating a hasty retreat by now ..

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