Thursday, 15 March 2012

Yoma finally breaks out !

2 posts ago  , i posed the question - To punt or not to punt Yoma given trade restrictions on Yoma imposed at some brokerages & the rather unflattering commentary on Yoma from a certain website. 

This afternoon  while sipping coffee with my friend in a coffeeshop near my home,  I got my answer from a sms alert that told me Yoma had just breached 44c. Immediately i bade my friend goodbye and rushed home ,  in time to whack 500 lots at 44.5c. Then as Yomas rises, i pyramid up a  smaller amount at 45c then an even smaller amount at 45.5c or day high and closing price for a total of 800 lots at an average price of 44.7c for the day ..

While still holding a small amount of Yoma bought at 38/39c  in the recent correction as my pyramid base   ,  why am I buying more Yoma  at  ever higher prices despite the widespread convincing misgivings about this stock's fundamentals from foreign  websites and local brokerages alike ?

 The answer lies in the price action AND my tradeplan posted 8 Mar  
which says if Yoma breaks 44c barrier , it should go higher  ..

Add to this , i believe in my STi roadmap ( see last post or  STi roadmap tab above -)  which says the STi rally in the very short term should be smooth going until at least 3050-65 ,, so the tailwind for a successful Yoma price pumping operation is there ..  

Tomorrow , I shall see where Yoma would go.  I would expect it to go to 47-48c at least.  So in the morning soon after open, I would dump two thirds of my holding at these prices  if  it goes my way,, 
I shall leave the rest to ride the price pump, to see if it would go to 52c-54c  which was my original defy-the-market target which i posted on 26 feb when the market was in the midst of a correction.  

Of course tomorrow's price action could prove that my tape reading is all wrong and i shall react accordingly when it does not go my way..


Anonymous said...

Cool analysis & plan !


Peter said...

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Anonymous said...

I'm a small fish with 20 lots at average price $0.438.

Should I hold it and buy the rights shares later?

Bill E said...

Sorry i saw ur comments a bit late..

if u are holding just a "small" amt ( by small , i mean money that u can afford to leave alone and not lose sleep over ) and are not used to trading in and out like i do without incurring too high a brokerage fee , i guess then hold out for the rights.

I had expected some selling at 47-48c, that is why i advocated dumping two third of holdings there which i did to reduce my risk exposure .. i further dumped half of my remaining holding today at 47c when i see the US markets broke out to the downside last nite - expecting a small correction there.