Monday, 14 January 2013

Making back course fee before course starts : SinoGrandness, Ezion

As readers who followed  my blog may know , I was bullish on SinoGrandness when it was 55c , confident it will go to 72 pretty  soon   ( click here to see 30 dec  post )   .. Well, one brave soul who only very recently signed up for Sgx swingers Club ,  by the pseudoname of  Aro swinger , accessed  our watsapp group  discussions but not formerly attended the course proper yet scheduled for  26/27 jan decided to punt SinoG with the 72c bull target in mind ,  he entered at 66 after the expected reaction at 68 was completed and was dully rewarded within 3 days when it hit 74c last friday .. and made $1.12k  or 12% return  in 3 days - making back more than half of the course fee he paid  well before his course even starts.


 those interested to find out more feel free to register( email to Vinay at cc to subject title :" sgxswinger course preview dated  22 jan 2012 friday   " , inside the email , pse provide "name" , "hp no." ,"email", "bringing friends along? y/n " , " no of years trading ", "  instruments traded : stocks,  indexes , futures, forex, options , wrts etc", " trading courses you've attended"   )   to come for friday 22 Jan 2013 preview 1930 hrs at Traders Round Table( click here for directions ..) ..lots of  trading secrets to be shared , no obligations to sign up : next course slated for  weekend on 26/27 Jan 1030hrs-1600 hrs... the course  fee is $2388 . those who sign up early gets a  big early bird discount.  

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