Sunday, 22 March 2015

Catching Key Reversal of the Yoma falling knife and riding Yoma's three up waves with precision and prescience

To recap, on 12 Mar 4 am , before the market opened ,   we shared with our readers on Facebook and sharejunction (  see time-stamped calls below  on facebook and sharejunction ) on our  preparations to catch  the bottom of the Yoma falling knife.  

            above pics  - Yoma rally call on 12 mar 4am to catch falling knife in and facebook page -singapore traders gallery & SGX technical analysis n fundamental analysis page ,  hours before Yoma executed a key reversal & galloped away.

********Yoma key reversal wave - drawing first blood*********

- Falling knife we caught indeed without a slightest scratch to our awaiting palms as Yoma broke off  on  open from the starting gates and galloped away like a champion racehorse without looking back( see chart below) .

   The falling knife promptly bounced at 39 as expected for us to ride the first key reversal wave which returned us a handsome 18% profits from 39 to 45.5 in 3 contra  days on zero capital outlay  ( using broker's credit line)  from 12 mar to 13 mar.

( see student and freebees contra receipts galore from riding the first wave  below):

We exited the peak of the first wave at 45.5 and waited patiently for the next wave to come.. and we did not wait long .. 

 ********Yoma second wave  *********


with great anticipation, the second Yoma wave  came 3 days later, on 17 mar to swing up another 7.5% from 44 to 47 in 2 days from 17 to 18 mar .. 

 we rode this  Yoma beast for the second time within a week to 46.5 where we exited after 3 days at 1 pip below the peak of this second wave.

( see chart and student/freebee contra statements galore from riding the second wave  below) 

after exiting at the second wave peak , we waited patiently for the third wave to come ..and again we did not wait long .

 ********Yoma third wave  *********

 right on the very next day after  the exit at second wave peak, on 19 mar , with quiet confidence , we loaded up on the third Yoma  wave ( see below )  which saw us riding this beast  from 43.5 to 47 then hopefully 49 by tomorrow  Monday or a few days after. 

awaiting more student and freebee instant profit statements on Yoma , as they arrive  hot from the contra trading oven ...

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