Friday, 21 August 2015

Embrace Greed and Fear with clarity - Playing the Global Currency Devaluation war with bank structured warrants

Ever since our last seminar  on 25  July( click here) ,  we have been telling our Chatrooms to prepare for the coming great crash with put wrts .

First Blood - First Down-wave :

On 24 Jul , we issued a short on DBS with a buy on DBS put wrts in our chatroom and re-iterated that bearish call the following day in our free seminar at Phillip Capital.

We oso call an avoid on commodity stocks in this first wave :

Below are instant results from the freebees who not only shorted DBS but also Kepcorp through their put wrts:

The Second Down-wave :

Again just before the National Day long weekend on 6 aug and again on 10 aug one day before  China's central bank PBOC announced her surprise first yuan devaluation move  , we reiterated our call to short the markets with put wrts . 
 again ,   results for the second wave are also instant and furious from the freebees - see below : 

below is a snapshot taken by a freebee of his orderbook illustrating the instant profitability of his wrt positions overnite  and the corresponding contra statements: 

The Third Down-wave :

Then for encore on 17 Aug  we played the third wave down  .. 

contra profit statements to follow, hot from the oven as the shorts are covered soon  . 

will there be more waves down or key reversals to come  ? attend free Sgxswinger seminars & join Freebee chat ( in whatsapp)  to find out for free( click here) .

comments on our freebee chat on Facebook  below :

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