Saturday, 27 February 2016

Embrace Greed with Clarity - Catching the Key Reversal with Precision

15 Feb was a date to remember . Note that we have been shorting the markets since the first trading day of the year with put warrants ( click here for last post )  ..  Amidst the doom and gloom over oil prices and our banks' exposure to oil sector and slowing China,  the market made a quiet key reversal for a long bull run ahead.

On 16 Feb , we made a bold call for key reversal to the markets , question is which stock or warrants to play.

Noting the gloom over oil prices and our banks' exposure to oil sector and bad loans from China, we decided to take the plunge into our perenial favorite non-oil pennies which had suffered a bashing in recent months. They were QT, Yuuzoo and Spackman . All three pennies fared quite well.. jumping from 50% to 75% in a matter of 10 days for us to exit to prepare for a long ride ahead with  blue chip call warrants.

Below is our Chatroom calls for market bottom and our stock picks.

below is the instant outcome of that key reversal call  on spackman , returning 45% in 5 days

 below are some contra statements from freebees and students from that prescient call on 16 Feb

Looking forward to more spackman contra statements to come , hot from the sgxswingers and freebees' trading accounts.

Looking back the past few months  , it was amazing how we caught
 Spackman at almost every key reversal . We entered before the upturn and we exited before the plunge at peak prices.   Below pictures illustrates:

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