Sunday, 18 September 2011

All eyes on Bernanke this week : FOMC to be held on tues/wed to decide on next steps/tools to stimulate economic / jobs growth .. Meeting of finance chiefs in europe did not go well over the weekend ...

We had a small breakout on Friday , for those who bought but did not close positions for the weekend , it might be a good idea to take half profit at STi @ 2805  Monday morning if at all possible then take the rest at  2815-20  .. or wait out the fomc decision on wed nite ...  for me , i have closed all my positions on friday noon almost at day high , having gone long the previous days( wed , thurs - as mentioned in  .. )
 as mentioned in previous posts all too often ,  i do not believe in holding stocks over a weekend unless in special circumstances   ....  i  may go long again tomorrow Monday depending on what signals the market sends me .. but i would prefer not to hold any positions just before release of important economic data or fomc statements.

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