Thursday, 8 September 2011

Post mortem after market close on Thurs :

All our stocks hit our upward revised target bands today  -  which should trigger profit taking of some sort  -- YZJ hit high of 1.11 ( tgt band 1.11-1.14) , Kepcorp hit high of 8.85 ( tgt band 8.85-9.05)  and Genting hit 1.655 soon after  open , then correct , and closed at day high of 1.69  exceeding our expectations by 1c  ( tgt band 1.65 - 1.68) . Capitaland hit high of 2.72 ( tgt band 2.75-2.78) ouch ....miss target by 3c  ..

if we had taken profits on at least half of our portfolio this thurs morning as planned when it hit our tgt price band  ( see post mortem on wed close below  when most stocks were at day high with Sti at around 2840-55 a zone where i would expect some profit taking ,  we would not be so stressed out by the subsequent plunge in the afternoon and would now be sitting comfortably on the remaining half of our stock for another day's upmove which hopefully should come tomorrow friday's morning  if not afternoon  if not next week  ...   

 i suppose it would be prudent money management policy to again take profit on half of the remaining half  tomorrow friday if STi hopefully hits 2880  or when the stock hits its target band ... and ride the remaining portfolio ( one quarter of the original purchase )   to next week without much stress over the weekend since we have already locked in  handsome profits on 75% of our original purchase on tues/wed  if the Obama and  Bernanke speeches are well received by the markets and congress tonite thurs...

we here revise upward our tgt band for Genting to 1.70 - 1.74, it is the the strongest horse in our stable - i would recommend taking profits on half of remaining Genting stock  tomorrow friday morning , hopefully with a good exit price within our new tgt band ( 1.70-1.74) soon after open  .. always be mindful that europe fears can always return to haunt us over a weekend  , what more with 9/11 10 -year anniversary on sunday  ....can always come back next week if there  are still   legs to its current very strong move.

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