Thursday, 8 November 2012

Did you make money wagering on Obama's victory ? : introducing my first trading course in the face of looming fiscal cliff( with later updates on sti & aussino ) .

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Owing to numerous requests from some readers for the past one year and  on invitation by the Traders Round Table ( a traders' community set up specially for novice traders to meet experienced professional traders  ) , I will be taking time off my trading to conduct my first & only trading course -  "Introduction to Swing Trading : anticipating , catching & riding market waves with the big boys who manipulate the markets " .

The course is slated to be held on   24/25 Nov  2012 ..  The price is $1688, far below the "market norm" but the value is priceless coming from a veteran full-time trader   --  click here to see collection of recent prescient calls  which are forward predictions , all published well before the event, separately in my various recent posts

 Those who sign up at coming preview will get a special discount and get to learn many trading secrets not found in textbooks or courses that will save you a world of grief costing much much more than the course fees and hasten your learning curve of the markets by decades if not  a life time. 

Course previews will be held on fridays   9 Nov  and 16 Nov  1930hrs  both at Traders Round Table ( click here for directions to the place )  .

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To register, email to both : &
with email subject title : registering for Sgxswinger course preview on xxx( where xxx = 9 nov or 16 nov - choose one )
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TRT accepts payment by visa, nets , cheques 

Back to the local market:

I know it is a little late to say this, but the STi  has broken down since 9 oct   but kept partially afloat by the  impending US elections &  some stocks like capland & GLP but  market leaders like kepcorp & dbs have been plunging for past 2-3 weeks.    

In my last post 2 days ahead of the elections ( see Election week: betting on Obama - click here)  , i mentioned we should get a very short and very small rally into the euphoria of Obama's victory before we see a big reversal  in the Dow.. 

Again, it is a bit late to be more specific , turns out last nite was that big reversal nite ... when market realised that elections has not improved chances of resolving  the looming fiscal cliff problem as all the incumbents has been re-elected into congress house of reps which is still dominated by tea party  .

.. anyway that aside  I also said  selected china stocks ( specific stock names buried in comments section of last post  ) may rally which some did in previous 2 days.. like yzj, capland  all rising about 3-5% from tues close to wed high etc   

Anyway , stocks aside, if u had wager with me on Obama's election victory , u would have made 30% profits from the bookie.

Before you jump in at open this morning to short after last nite's Dow 312 plunge  , wait & think  ...

 the markets never reward a trader for chasing hindsight, quite unlike in other realms of human endeavour ..

 anyway with the looming fiscal cliff, the STi may follow an inexorable  downward trajectory  if pessimism reigns in washington over next 30 days , with no ray of hope for resolution in sight ...since this is open class warfare between Obama and the tea party  - whose end result is not something  I would want to speculate on and so I am totally out of the market...I wun be shorting either as I do not know when Washington is going to make an announcement of some bipartisan deal of some kind  to "kick the can down the road " so take this chart with many pinches of salt since any good announcement anytime will create a big rally...  

where would  we go from here ? will china related stocks continue their run while the  STi falls  ? you are welcome to attend my preview to find out my outlook ....  no obligations to sign up ..promise it to be an interesting eye-opener ..many  trading secrets & market revelations to be shared ..  so feel free  .. thanks!

updated 11 nov 2012 - Aussino


farmland investment funds said...

There were some great arbitrage opportunities between London and the US on the Obama victory odds.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bill,

Would we get any confirmation to whether we got a seat for your preview?


Bill E said...

all are welcome , just register via email and come .. sometimes your email may end up in our spam boxes , so we may be late in answering apologies.

Anonymous said...


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