Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Beware oncoming Reactions : Sino Grandness, Ho Bee( with later updates on Rowsley , Noble, Ezion, Ho bee, sunvic )

In my last post  last Sunday( click here)   , I posted some forward predictions made by my students ( ie. posted before the event happens & not cherry-picked to my convenience vivid screen captures of only those winning "past" predictions to very exclusive circles or individuals with identities & time-stamp of market call not subject to public verification   ) and they were borne out  or realised on Monday and tues & some even to Wed  ..

like the shorting opportunity of the STi  on Monday 3 dec open :

and the shorting opportunity of GLP, Frasers comm & First resources on Monday open :

Today my students came up yet with another crop of forward predictions for posting , again only time will tell if they bear fruit again .,,but I am hopeful given recent performance which is nothing short of spectacular ( to see what i mean , see previous post click here)  ) .

below charts updated  after 5  dec 2012

if my first batch of students from the public ( some without much prior trading experience ) can analyse and predict by themselves  so soon after class ( without having to rely forever on mercy of opaque tips & promises of further "advanced" courses  from trainers  )     ,  so can you the rest of the public no matter what your trading experience or age or sex in watever trading time frame or seasons or markets  ..

  those interested to find out more feel free to register( email to Vinay at cc to subject title :" sgxswinger course preview dated  14 dec 2012 friday   " , inside the email , pse provide "name" , "hp no." ,"email", "bringing friends along? y/n " , " no of years trading ", "  instruments traded : stocks,  indexes , futures, forex, options , wrts etc", " trading courses you've attended"   )   to come for next friday 14 dec preview 1930 hrs at Traders Round Table( click here for directions ..) ..lots of  trading secrets to be shared , no obligations to sign up : next course slated for  weekend on 26/27 Jan 1030hrs-1600 hrs... the course  fee is $2388 . those who sign up early gets a  big early bird discount.

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Xh287 said...

good going, ur prediction on Sinograndness came true...

It hit 555/56.. how long do u think this retracement will be for?