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STi upthrust poised for short down reversal : So my students told me on FB followup grp - so let's see how it pans out Monday, tues

 As our very  first trading class last weekend was coming to a close , I set up a closed facebook discussion group for our pioneer batch of students to identify set-ups using the techniques taught in class for potential trades and post them for sharing and feedback comments amongst the group ...I had expected a lot of hand holding to come, so I thought  given that some did not have prior experience in trading  ...

What happened after the 2-day weekend course far  exceeded my expectations from a pioneer batch of students( given that some did not have prior experience in trading )  ,  for the next few days the students were off to a flying start like ducks taking to water , identifying fruitful set-ups with ease, like buying Olam at 1.48 for a quick punt ( by Jacky  who looked back to 2009 for clues ) ,    and buying USD/JPY at 81.90 ( by Irene)  just when they were crashing down towards these price levels  & then bounced sharply  etc etc  .. 

see below Irene's trade on usd/jpy.

the following was a call  for a strong sell at 2.16  on First resource on friday 30 nov open by a retiree lady student named BT  who is so used to "buy and hold " in the past ,  and within a few hours of  her "strong sell" call , it fell to her short covering zone at 2.08 that  she identified  ( see her chart below & the subsequent realisation on the 15min chart ) and bounced exactly from there at 2.08 to close at 2.13. 

 by the way student  BT had also forseen that  frasers comm will upthrust to 1.26/27 on the eve of conversion of frasers comm cppu500  before coming down which it did ..

below chart  is realization of upthrust call by student BT 2 days after - updated 4 dec 

though the past is prologue .. there is no point gloating and bragging over  vivid screen captures of  winning old predictions just because  they turned  out in my students' favor ..

what is more important is the future  ..the forward predictions  which cannot be cherry picked with 100% hit rate like "after-the-event" vivid screen captures  ...and  here, there is no shortage of set-ups identified by my students as well eg.. shorting GLP, FirstResource , UOB, STi  etc for coming Monday 3 dec 2012.

Student Irene identified this shorting the upthrust  setup for the STi  with her 3 good reasons 

Another student by name of Avy told me she is shorting GLP if it opens up Monday ...

Irene also  identified shorting UOB on Monday open because she spotted a fake    upthrust on friday  .. 

Well , only time will tell if my students who did me proud with their consistency and precision last week will be able to repeat the feat again this  week and  next week  & week after  ad infinitum   .. to prove that this is no flash in the pan performance and no one trick pony either ...that the methods taught work in all seasons , markets and time frames and independent of your psychology or wallet size  or even your prior trading experience .( no experience required - we prefer starting u from scratch ) .

.. so that  if my first batch of students from the public ( some without much prior trading experience ) can do it by themselves  so soon after class ( without having to rely forever on opaque tips & promises of further "advanced" courses  from trainers afraid to see their students become independent  ,  both carefully designed to keep your psyche of dependency & your wallet  on the trainer's perpetual leash forever)  ,  so can you the rest of the public no matter what your trading experience or age or sex in watever trading time frame or seasons or markets  ..

  those interested to find out more feel free to register( email to Vinay at cc to subject title :" sgxswinger course preview dated  14 dec 2012 friday   " , inside the email , pse provide "name" , "hp no." ,"email", "bringing friends along? y/n " , " no of years trading ", "  instruments traded : stocks,  indexes , futures, forex, options , wrts etc"   )   to come for next friday 14 dec preview 1930 hrs at Traders Round Table( click here for directions ..) ..lots of  trading secrets to be shared , no obligations to sign up : next course slated for  weekend on 26/27 Jan 1030hrs-1600 hrs.

below section  is updated on Monday close 5pm:

I posted this bearish straits times outlook on Monday  3 dec 5.27am  on ShareJunction forum just hours before the  Asian markets open gap up only to plunge towards close  ..readers can refer directly to my post at sharejunction website to verify the timestamp of that call ( click here

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