Thursday, 25 April 2013

Catching Guocoleisure & Dukang juz before the breakout & exiting before the flush with $10k+ profits, catching ThBev and Genting right on the bounce , back to back shorting of china minzhong

For the past 2 weeks at sgxswingers club , as usual  as per last post ( click here)  , our students were busy mechanically trading the supply and demand off  the charts without fear or favor ( without any regard for "news","rumours" , "stories" ," positive psychology" or " zen philosophy" which they know are nothing more than snake-oil of different packaging all concocted to suck your money chasing the wrong thing  and leave you  mystified yet impressed  )  ..and catching breakouts, flush downs and reactions just before they happened ...below are some very recent  illustrative examples

Occasionally I also post some predictions in public forums to time-stamp our calls( note these are forward looking predictions with specific prescribed price levels & trajectory and not some highly private nebulously worded  "predictions"  generously shared with the public only after the event turns in our favor) , at the bottom are also some very recent examples.

Catching Guocoleisure juz before breakout and exiting juz before flush down  :

Catching Dukang juz before breakout and exiting juz before flush down  :

Thai Bev  - Catching the bounce :

Genting  - Catching the bounce :

China Minzhong back to back shorts:

The list of prescient and precise calls time-stamped by public forums with finer dynamic adjustments in sgxswinger chatrooms and corresponding student trades to show for is endless ...

Those interested to find out more feel free to register( email to subject title :" sgxswinger free  swing trading secrets seminar  dated  10 may  2013 fri ( choose one)     " , inside the email , pse provide "name" , "hp no." ,"email", "bringing friends along? y/n " , " no of years trading ", "  instruments traded : stocks,  indexes , futures, forex, options , wrts etc", " trading courses you've attended" " how you discovered our sgxswinger site - from google, another website( which one?), friends, others?  "    )   to come for fri 10 may  2013 free swing trading secrets seminar 1930 hrs at Burlington square ( next to simlim square, 400m from bugis mrt -click here for map & directions) , 175 bencoolen street S(189649) level 5 function room at residential tower , not office tower   ..  .. lots of  trading secrets to be shared , no obligations to sign up for any courses  : next course slated for  weekend on  mid Jun 1100hrs-1700 hrs... the course  fee is $2888 . those who sign up early gets a  very big early bird discount. check here for course / preview dates  


Franz said...

Hi I noticed that the commission paid was 0.1% only. may I know what platform are you using that allows such low commission rate? can you introduce me?


Flatfoot said...

sent you email and resent again>
Need to know the fees (earlybird discount).

Will pay u after u revert.

Anonymous said...

What is the date for the next course in May???

Bill E said...

Hi above,

sorry for late reply ..

my student who made the $10k on Guocoleisure told me the 1% comm is from a CMC account.

next course in May is postponed to Mid June.


Anonymous said...

Your predictions (under the username of "hello123") for short ChinaMinZhong on 2 May 2013 isn't correct.

Search post by "hello123"

On May 2, closing price for CMZ was 0.97. You predicted price will drop "towards 0.91". By May 9, the price for CMZ is 1.05.

Please post your losses too, if you really did what you proposed to your students.

Anonymous said...

Post your profit you shown us.

Bill E said...

Mr anonymous,

thanks for your comments..

my students shorted CMZ at 102-103 and automatically covered their shorts at 96-98c when they see the demand appearing in the charts...a technique taught in class which they practiced everyday..

will show you their trade/profit statements afterwards in next post. stay tuned.

Bill E said...

Mr Anonymous ,

the call for crash to 91 was made on 22 April on sharejunction when it was still 105 and not 97c as you stated.

so my students shorted at about 101-103 on 22 april to 25 april period as in the statements above and covered at 97-99 on 6 may as stated in the profit statements above..

so i guess you have time shifted both our entry and exits , replacing our real short entry at 102 with your mistaken short entry of 97 and our real long exit at 97 with your mistaken long exit of 105 ,

so effectively you have turned our real profitable trade of $1.2k as reflected in the trade statements above into an imaginary loss within the context of your mistaken misinterpretation.

Novice trader said...

Hi, I noticed Noble Group has been on the rise since that user Stock101 or watever posted on the stock.

I read this from the net, but going to confirm with more sources (see below)

So it seems that Stock101 or watever 'saw' this coming, from his supposed strong network of associates in commodities.

Thinking of going in now because if what he said was coming true, the potential profit is quite alot.

What you think, Bill?

Novice trader said...

(The Repurchase Mandate will enable the Directors to repurchase the Shares up to a
maximum of 10% of the aggregate nominal amount of the share capital of the Company in
issue on the date of passing the relevant ordinary resolution at the AGM. The Company will be allowed under the
Repurchase Mandate to repurchase a maximum of 60,000,000 Shares.)