Friday, 12 April 2013

Prescient Longs and Shorts continues with bountiful returns : dismounting Blumont before the flushdown with $6k profit , catching Geo energy breakdown and bounce , shorting yoma peak, anticipating contel peak, catching guocoleisure on reaction, Gold loses glitter, calling a DBS top, calling an Apple's bottom & china minzhong rebound

 It is heartening to see my beloved students continue to apply  the techniques taught , simply reading & trading off the supply and demand  in the charts without fear or favor  ( without regard to newsflow or "fundamentals" which they know are rigged   ) to rake in profits to more than  pay for course fees and something even more valuable than that  - self confidence that the markets can be mastered with charts alone  .

Bountiful student trade profits continue to flow in , like in last post( click here)  showing this is no flash in the pan performance,  below are just some very recent examples of prescience and precision , with profit statements fresh from the oven ..

Riding and dismounting Blumont wildhorse before the flush down:

Yoma - the prescient short:

Guocoleisure : entering just  before breakout ,  avoiding  the reaction & re entering post reaction( profit statements on re- entering after reaction coming later )  :

The short and long story  of Geo energy : (  profit statement to come ) 

eversince I called a short  on Geo energy at 57-59 in sharejunction on 14 mar ,  some students shorted while some( who dun have CFD acct)  were waiting to go long when the short ends its inexorable downward trajectory:( profit statements coming for both longs and shorts ) 

The prescient big short on contel 

prescient call to DBS top  :  

China Minzhong -rebound? 

The list of prescient and precise calls time-stamped by public forums with finer adjustments in sgxswinger chatrooms and corresponding student trades to show for is endless ...

Those interested to find out more feel free to register( email to subject title :" sgxswinger free  swing trading secrets seminar  dated  3 may  2013 fri ( choose one)     " , inside the email , pse provide "name" , "hp no." ,"email", "bringing friends along? y/n " , " no of years trading ", "  instruments traded : stocks,  indexes , futures, forex, options , wrts etc", " trading courses you've attended"   )   to come for fri 3 may  2013 free swing trading secrets seminar 1930 hrs at Burlington square ( next to simlim square, 400m from bugis mrt -click here for map & directions) , 175 bencoolen street S(189649) level 5 function room at residential tower , not office tower   ..  .. lots of  trading secrets to be shared , no obligations to sign up for any courses  : next course slated for  weekend on  end may  1100hrs-1700 hrs...  . those who sign up early gets a  very big early bird discount. check here for course / preview dates  

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Stock101 said...

Hi Billie,

Not sure if you missed my qs again in my previous post.. If you are not confident of answering this pls at least just reply so. I understand not everyone understand the commodities stocks thoroughly. Just thought of your opinion as you always claim to make right calls. (like your students making money back on course within 1 day etc)

(Previous post)
Anyway, here it goes
I am thinking there is a bullish case for Noble Group N21 because their fundamentals are very strong and also recently affirmed stable outlooks by many rating agencies.

Many (and I mean it) people in my network have bought in with a mid term view (huge expected profit levels I think $1.8 - even $2 as commodities set to rebound in 2013). I am tempted to acquire more lots than I have already have at the current cheap levels as well.

Just curious, what is your call on Noble Group?