Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Call to "Avoid All Longs" on facebook on 16 sept , then Riding the Big shorts for RH petro , SinoGrandness , Osim, Sunvic soon after , Falling knife Catcher - Catching the bottoms to Valuetronics and Hang Seng Futures at 22500 at the height of HK student protests & a top to sincap

In this post, we examine some of our recent precision contra swings  by our freebees and students , starting with the big shorts on some stoxx after calling to "avoid all longs"  in our facebook page on 16 sept ( click here to see ) ...we also called a bottom to the HSI on 3 oct at the height of HK student protests where some freebees &  sgxswingers  took the opportunity to long HSI.

Facebook call to "avoid all longs" on 16 sept before we initiated our BIG shorts( click here to see

Riding the big short down  the RH petro crash :

Riding the big short down SinoGrandness Crash : 

Small shorts on Osim, SunVic :

Falling knife catcher - Catching the bottom to HSI futures on 3 Oct at 22500 in freebee & sgxswingers  at the height of student protests in HK & a top to sincap at 15.6  : 

Falling knife catcher - Catching the  bottom to Valuetronics:

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