Tuesday, 18 November 2014

A few small swings in November - QT Vascular , Yuuzoo , Fruition of Big Shorts - Crude oil, Biosensors

November was a rather tepid month for SGX pennies and bluechips after the Great Oct Crash (-click here for our big shorts on SinoG and RH petro in Oct plus some falling-knife-catcher trades on Hangseng , valuetronics )  , with most of the smart-money going to HK-SSE while the not-so-smart-money here were licking their wounds from the oct crash .. 

Nevertheless despite a tepid Nov, we were able to make a few good calls & swings though the swings were rather small and transient , reflecting the sideways nature of the market  , with most of the trade setups detected by the students themselves using the methods taught  , what more can I say ?

In the mean time ..some of the big shorts we initiated in mid Oct came to fruition in mid Nov as the shorts started to hit our shorting targets with some ferocity one by one. 

We made a Call for QT vascular to bounce juz after breaking historic low  of 29.5 in Facebook , taking the cue from one student who entered at 30c by himself ( see his contra trade statement below)  :

Yuuzoo - student initiated setup returns 7% overnite:

 and yes, one more thing .. 

on 14 oct  in the freebee chat, we predicted oil to fall to 74 from  85 and Biosensor to fall from 69 to 60 then  54 .  all came to fruition in Nov ...stay tuned for  trade statements coming when trades closed  ...

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