Monday, 24 September 2012

Short term peaks & Myanmese pumps ? : China Minzhong ( & appended on 25 sept : Ezion , Noble, Yoma, Interra )

I  reproduce here a excerpt from Dow Jones News wire on Maybank-KE analyst views on China Minzhong : 

DJ MARKET TALK: Minzhong Profits From China Food Inflation-Maybank-KE

19 Sep 2012 14:53
DJ MARKET TALK: Minzhong Profits From China Food Inflation-Maybank-KE
0653 GMT [Dow Jones] STOCK CALL: Investors may be rushing into Chinese upstream food companies, such as China Minzhong (K2N.SG), Sino Grandness (JS5.SG) and People's Food (P05.SG), due to concerns over China's food inflation, Maybank-Kim Eng says. Minzhong is a direct beneficiary of the recent rise in China's fresh vegetable prices, up 24% on-year in August, it says. Minzhong gets 38% of its revenue from cultivation, mainly serving the domestic market, and directly benefiting from vegetable price surges, while 62% of revenue is from the mid-stream processing business, with the company able to pass part of the cost pressure to downstream customers, it says. "If food inflation in China remains high, there is a high chance that the management's revenue target (of 15% growth) could be surpassed." Maybank-KE keeps a Buy call with S$1.16 target. The stock is up 2.6% at S$0.785, for an around 9% month-to-date gain. (

From the recent bullish views from the Maybank-KE analyst above giving a target price of  S$1.16 to whet the public appetite for fresh vegetables  , & given my very short term pullback view ( for beginning of week : Mon - tues & maybe wed   ) , a short-term bearish view that was appended yesterday  to the bottom of  last post ( click here)  ,  maybe it is about time to  take profits or short China Minzhong -  see below )-there may be some window dressing activities in this week so  disclaimer applies .. 


The section below  is appended 25 sept 2012


Ezion announces USD 201m 5yr rig-charter contract + $82m LOI  - time to abandon ship ? 

*DJ - 20 Sep 2012 08:15 Ezion Holdings Target Raised To S$1.66 From S$1.42 By Maybank-Kim Eng  
*DJ  - 18 Sep 2012 09:19  Ezion Holdings Started At Overweight, Target S$1.60 By JPMorgan
*DJ - 14 Sep 2012 11:38 Ezion Holdings Fair Value Raised To S$1.53 From S$1.20 By OCBC 

Given the  recent deluge of analyst upgrades on Ezion in anticipation of this contract announcement , maybe it is time to dump or short this stock ?

******  Post-mortem updated 26 sept  - today Ezion is up 6c  to 1.35- a historic high  , on hindsight , it was premature to call for a dump yesterday since we are now in window dressing week , Ezion was halted only yesterday morning and contract news has not yet made its way to mainstream press to the public ,  and  Ezion has been  the best performer in SGX for the past 1 year  hence one of  the best candidate for window dressing & last but not least more than anything else I have  yet  to see any evidence of unloading  *********  

Noble  - breaking down  (from prediction on 23 sept appended to bottom of previous post -click here )

Yoma  pump - absorption of final supply ? 

Yoma did not cross my 44c threshold until today .. As Yoma  hits floor of 42c on reaction downwave , 2 big whacks of Yoma at   42.5c x 2,074@ 9:40:27 and 43c x 2,727@ 9:41:09 sent Yoma into a buying frenzy & it did not look back since. It closed at 45c.

Interra : Pre-pumping for rights share trading commencement 2 oct  ? Forces favoring Interra this week are window dressing , Interra has broken  recent historic high of  38c , & lack of public shares  for now but  come 2 Oct , there will be a flood of Interra shares from the public for dumping in which case we can look for shorting opportunities. Given that the rights costs only 15c to subscribe , maybe 41-43c is more than enough pumping for the operator who has already done his job & collected his paycheck on 22 Sept. 

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