Monday, 29 October 2012

Live portrait of a stock operation : Dukang ( with later updates on Aussino )

In the last post( click here )  , I described my stock operation model of Dukang , and from my hypothesis , I made a prediction of Dukang going for a high volume churn to suck in the public for the operator to take profit at 35.5c(  later upgraded to 38 for an intraday overshoot ) . 

Well, so far, so good...

 today my prediction trajectory  was borne out  almost exactly as predicted , thus lending some credence to my operator model of Dukang, and reinforcing my "understanding" of stock operations in general ..and i hope yours too. 

see below charts for "before and after" comparisons..

Before  : above is original "as is" Dukang chart on 23 oct with prediction of profit taking at 35.5 and a high vol churn coming .... 

After : above is Dukang chart today 29 oct 1330hrs - realization of prediction of high volume churn coming & profit taking starting at 35.5c with intraday overshoot to 37c

Above : dukang chart on 24 oct predicting a possible intraday overshoot to 38c then profit taking down to 31-32c  area maybe for a bounce - how strong is the bounce ? , I don't know yet ..we'll see .... don't put too much faith into longer term  prediction trajectories too far out  -- operator may react to unforseen dynamic market conditions or maybe even to public reactions to what is written in blogs/forums/media  - so  buy at your own risk.

********** below is dukang chart updated 30 oct ************

******below aussino charts  12 oct prediction     (  (( click here for 15 oct post- myanmese triple dumps  ) vs 31 oct *****


Lex said...

Hi Bill,

Very nice analysis! You were spot on on the price actions.

Btw, may I ask what is this operator you are talking about?

Is it the company's own senior staff or main shareholders?

Sorry for this noob question.


Bill E said...

Hi all,
those interested in speculating who the operator might be & nature of his job description - write me an email..


Anonymous said...

operators are the smart money. they are groups who not necessarily talk to each other. they are groups who are smart, plan and launches their campaign with precision to get their price form the crowd. They understand how the markets work..and focus on supply and demand. fyi aussino is already ripe for a bounce. probably next week. goodluck!

Bill E said...

Thank you sir for your invaluable comments .

Anonymous said...

Dukang seems like volume slowly picking up on buys..

how does it look like now