Monday, 18 March 2013

Dancing with Cyprus via Capitaland and DBS wrts , a prescient short call before & a prescient long call on Cyprus black monday


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Anonymous said...

Hi Bill,

Which direction do you think Capitaland will go for the next few days?

Best Regards,

Bill E said...

my apologies , market is too volatile becoz of cyprus , i can only predict day by day , in the chatroom .. blog is not the best place in the world to give dynamic updates ..

Bill E said...

It appears certain that the Cyprus parliament will reject the bailout package as it stands.

#Cyprus MP (not sure which party): If we vote this bill now, who (Cypriot and/or foreigner) will leave his/her money in the banks?

#Cyprus EUROKO MP: If Germans have differences with the Russians, this is not the field to solve them

#Cyprus EUROKO MP: What if other countries need aid later? What Europe is going to do with them? They will suggest a levy of 30%-40%

Bill E said...

actually , the rejection of the tax levy by Cyprus parliament may be a good thing for the markets as acceptance may lead to bank runs everywhere in southern europe..