Saturday, 23 March 2013

WE Holding & Ntegrator breakouts : students detected own entry just before breakouts and one made 31% return intraday - or more than twice their course fees all in a day's work. .with later update on guoco leisure , Geo energy., Sinograndness, DBS

Lately , I noticed my dear students have been able to detect their own entry just before the breakouts , and needed only my help in the exits... eg. see last post where students traded halcyon & JB foods breakouts  just before they happened ( for last post , click here )  

.Also I found my students are not too bothered by "news" or "fundamentals" anymore( knowing well that news and fundamentals  are usually fabricated or orchestrated or exploited by big boys to suck you in or shake you out at precisely the wrong time )  - eg trading the market around the Cyprus news as if  they are not there, just simply following a mechnical procedure of reading & trading off  the supply and demand in the charts without any fear or favor  & remembering to collect profits on the way ( click here for previous post : dancing with cyprus thru dbs and capitaland wrts) .

The following WE holding trade is just one example where one student detected his own entry just before the breakout and  asked me to help him with the exit.. He first entered WE hldg at 7.3c just before the breakout  and added more at 8.2c and exited half at 9.6c , near the day peak of 9.8c  ..

Does he care about Cyprus , not really.. though you may feel it is on the back of his mind when he takes half profits for the weekend, my bet is that he is just doing it as part of the risk management routine that i taught my students , Cyprus or no Cyprus.

In this trade  he made realized profit of  $4.6k( minus comm) in just one day from just 200 lots of WE holdings  or a profit return of  31%  in one day   making back more than double his course fees- see below trade statements  .

the student cleared 200 lots at 31% realised profit return or $4.6k( minus comm)  in  one day ( about 5 hrs )  leaving another 200 lots for the Cyprus freak weekend.

Ntegrator : Another student entered 90 lots  on his own pre-breakout entry  and  exited also near day high for an intraday profit  of 13% ..   almost making back his course fee

below is call on Guocoleisure on 22 & 23 mar :

Geo energy falls according to  plan of 14 mar  :

SinoGrandness rise according to plan :

DBS makes a mad dash  for sweet 16  according to 18 mar plan despite Cyprus

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Anonymous said...

Always heard you said your student gain, what about the losses?

Definitely, your student do lose.

Otherwise, your course fee is not justify.

If even your chances of winning is 65%, your course fees is defnitely worth much , much more.

Can we know what is the % success rate of your methoding of trade?



Bill E said...

Hi Fred

Thank you for your comments .. allow me to clarify ..

I am sure our students do lose sometimes but we keep our losses small thanks to good high probability trade set ups that have good risk reward ratios ( ie. high precision high probability entries that enjoys tight stops , and expected reactions that are far from entry price owing to good choice of trade set ups taught ) ..

as for "statistics" ( watever they mean to you and me exactly ), Confucious has a saying "听其言而观其行"

so it is not for me to tell you "statistics" from my mouth but for you to observe with your own eyes from my forward predictions in the blog and public forums to see if they are prescient and precise.

As you might have observed , all my calls are tracked by majority of students in the chatroom , and often also in public forums , and not by just one or two fictitious figures in some highly private emails "shared" with public only after the event and only when they turned out correct .

Only when u are convinced by patient and keen observation should you consider signing up. Why dun u attend my previews or write me emails to discuss further


Stockwoofer said...

Hi Bille,

I am making a bullish call on Noble Group N21 because their fundamentals are very strong and also recently affirmed stable outlooks by many rating agencies.

Just curious, what is your call on this stock?

sgxcapitalvia said...

it will be better to buy more gold..and start trading into it