Thursday, 14 March 2013

Properties : Guocoleisure , Yanlord , with later update on capitaland, Geo-energy & Rowsley

Rowsley prescient alert on sharejunction & comments to last post before the plunge from 49 to 40c  

see alert in comments to last post   in  the morning before plunge-( click here )

Post mortem of last post( click here) 

In the last post, I made several calls -some hit targets and reverse, some almost, some exceeded a little - let's recap .
(i) STi target ceiling at 3310 - solid as ever .. tested three times and fell from there each time, presenting golden opportunities in shorting blue chips each time( click here also for 5 feb post on sti ceiling ) . 
(ii) Genting sp target at 1.61( click here) - exceeded by 3c one day after call and fell from there & now 1.48
(iii) Contel tgt 11.5 - hit and plunged one day after call
(iv) WE holding tgt 20c - hit and plunged one day after call
(v) Ezion tgt at 2.04 - hit tgt and fell , never to close above it
(vi) Rowsley tgt at 55-58( later corrected to 53 15hrs before the plunge )  - almost hit tgtof 55( miss by2c) 3 days after call
(vii) call to short pennies on 27 feb penny peak( after bernanke testimony)  and 6 mar(after dow break 2007 high) .., on both occasions,  pennies open gap up the day after call and plunged > 30-60% within 1-3days
(viii) call for GLD temporary bottom at 1.52 - hit 1.51 and bounce one day after , staying above 152 all thru even now 3 weeks after ..

so much for prescience and precision for this week's calls:

Guocoleisure : Undervalued property ?  

Capitaland - a small short 

Yanlord : Overvalued property ?

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Anonymous said...

hmmm... your course fee are getting higher, yet your calls, are not very zhun...

you said rowsley will hit 55/58 very soon on 6mar. its now 14mar, that is not very soon imho.

you mentioned a rebound for we at 9.6/9.9 at sharejunction....but it crashed right below

Bill E said...

Hi Mr Anonymous

thanks for your comments and feedback. give me a chance to clarify.

we ( I and some students) went into rowsley earlier than I posted (around 44-45 c ), took half profits on our rowsley when it hit 52.5 , another quarter at 51, leaving a final quarter to ride 55-58.

That is already a big profitable move from 47 to 53 since I posted. and miss our 55c-58c "tgt" by a mere 2c.

In trading one has to adjust to dynamic conditions which our students learn in the course and chatroom that followed.

In the course , our students learn real chart reading & trading skills , not just blindly taking calls from other club members. every member are equipped to verify for themselves each call made by others with the methodology they learnt and has right to clarify with others if they dun understand why the call was made with charts posted inside chatroom.

As for WE holdings, i called a peak of 20c one day before it actually happens -( see previous post , same for contel peak at 11.5c etc ) so our students took profits right on the peaking day itself which immediately follows bernanke speech

.. the fall targets for those penny falls were drawn quite early on 1 mar and meant to show students & public how far it can fall before it actually did fall to those levels (and in fact way beyond ) to illustrate how bad the situation can get ,

Our students did not go long into any of these pennies again since taking profit at the peak , since they already heeded my call not to go long again as illustrated in the last post on 6 mar call on sharejunction when dow just broke oct 2007 high, that " many pennies will open gap up and then continue their recent fall" to rock bottom. as all my students understand the meaning of operator really dumping out of an empty shell stock.

You should join the chatroom to enjoy the dynamic adjustments and learn real chart reading skills as i have said in the past , blogs are not the best place to make dynamic adjustments.

Blogs only provide a sampling of the prescience and precision of how good chart reading skills can help you make money which you will learn in much more detail in the course.

why dun u come for preview ? it's free. lots of trading secrets shared.. no pressure at all to sign up...

We encourage our preview attendees to go back to continue follow the blog for some time, not to sign up until they feel convinced that our forward predictions is really prescient and precise and can make real money , making back course fee included. I also encourage those attendees to write me emails to get some sampling of real calls not in the blog and dynamic adjustments.

some sign ups who join the chatroom to get an appetizer immediately made back their course fee even before they attend the course proper. some made their course fee even before they sign up just by following my blog or writing me emails.

Stockwoofer said...

Hi Bille,

I am making a bullish call on Noble Group N21 because their fundamentals are very strong and also affirmed stable outlooks by rating agencies

Wonder if you agree with me that Noble will soar?

Anonymous said...

Hi Bill

This is the Mr Anonymous, the same guy you referenced to in your earlier comment.

Just want to praise your humility. The truth in trading is that it is never 100%. We, being humans, do make mistake sometimes.

The truth about rowsley is that given how much it has risen, it is going to plunge soon. (rumours and news were already flying around about possible trading curbs on rowsley even before you posted about rowsley in 5 mar).

All the best in your trading and your blog. Do sincerely hope you continue to give your prescient update in this blog and not "act as a coward" and shift to a private blog as this is what differentiates you from some other blogger.

Will try to drop by your preview if I am able to find time to, hopefully in the next few weeks or so.


Mike S.
(aka Mr Anonymous)

Bill E said...

Hi Michael ,

thanks for your earlier comments.. it triggered me to take a relook at rowsley chart to realize 53 could be the peak..just in time for me to advise my students to get out before friday's plunge

by coincidence i also replied to another Michael in the last post about Rowsley's peak friday morning abt 9.40am.. abt 6 hours before the plunge in the afternoon..but i guess few read it.

i guess rowsley is an example of those above mentioned "dynamic updates or adjustments" that i feel free to make daily in our chartrooms where i dun have to do up nice drawings or care about flow or grammar/ spelling etc ... also i feel freer to discuss market sensitive stuff in chatroom without fear of incurring wrath or unwarranted attention of other people unlike in blogs,that may affect the smooth execution of our trades ..

cya at previews.

Stockwoofer said...

Hi Bill,

Not sure if you missed my question.

Whats your take on being bullish on Noble?