Thursday, 27 November 2014

Closing the big short on Biosensor at 54c .

Closing the big short on Biosensor :

Finally today it hit 54c ..expecting a bounce from here     ..below picture explains .. 

Below is Call to Freebee chat on 14 oct  to short Biosensor at 69 with tgt 60 then 54 :

Below Freebee and students close their shorts on Biosensor  after  from 69 > 60 then roll-over to  61>54.5:
this one freebee-turned-student  below makes $3.2k shorting from 60.5 to 54c :

yet another one freebee-turned-student  below makes $5.7k  shorting from 61c to 54.5c
more trade statements on Bio shorts coming ... hot from the students ...

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