Thursday, 27 November 2014

Where will Nymex Crude Oil plunge to ?

We have been predicting Nymex sweet Crude Oil will drop to US$74 per barrel when it was US$100 ( click here)  

It hit US$74 recently juz before the 27 Nov 2014 Opec meeting..


with OPEC expected not to agree on any production cuts, oil is set to go lower ....  but to how much before we see the bottom ? is it $57-8 as stated on the picture above , with little bounces at 64 and 60  ? come to our free weekly seminars to find out !( click here) 
One more thing , recently in line with our bearish oil view,  we initiated our second round of  big shorts on oil stocks like Ezra , Mirach  , Ezion , Sembmar, Kepcorp , Swissco , Rex etc ..which shall be discussion topic of our next post or after ..( with the profit statements when we close these new  shorts )  This is our second wave of shorts , our first wave of big shorts was started  in Oct   as represented by our shorts in  RH petro  , sinoGrand( click here) .

and oh yes, juz yesterday , we  closed our big short on biosensor ( click here) and  oso   closed our long on Valuetronics breakout after catching its bottom( click here)  

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