Thursday, 27 November 2014

Valuetronics Act 2 - Catching the second breakout after catching the falling knife bottom

Eversince we caught the bottom of the falling knife on Valuetronics at 30-31c on 16 oct  and then sold off at 34-35c after a 3-4 day swing ( click here) , we have been biding our time , waiting patiently for this beast 's next move up..  .

.and when the beast showed signs of awakening from its month long slumber  , we strike ..entering ..on 18th & 19th nov at about 34-35c ..

it started rising immediately thereafter , never looked back since and the final big move came 25-27th nov that gave sgxswingers a strong rally rocket ride all the way to 41c . below chart explains.. 

below are calls to freebee chatroom on catching the falling knife on the 16 oct at 31c  and to student chatroom on catching the pre-break out at 34-35c on the 18 nov

below is a sample of trade statements  from students on these latest trades .. more coming ..stay tuned....

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